Organizational Strategies

All communities are unique. Within each community, nonprofit organizations contribute creative and realistic responses to the unique issues faced by their community. They disseminate public information, embody and help advance community values, and contribute to the building of civil societies.

Acknowledging the significance of the context in which these organizations must thrive, Fern Tiger Associates (FTA) works to build the capacity, effectiveness, and governance structures of nonprofit organizations, foundations, and public agencies. By engaging directly with a broad range of internal and external stakeholders, FTA provides a 360-degree assessment — evaluating an organization’s particular situation, its capacity, and the particular communities in which it works. FTA’s thoughtful recommendations result in grounded, comprehensive, and uniquely-designed approaches that lead to effective strategies for program implementation, outreach, organizational success, and long-term sustainability.

Case stories of select FTA projects involving Organizational Strategies:

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