SINCE ITS BEGINNING, Fern Tiger Associates (FTA) has defied categorization. For more than 30 years, the firm has provided creative solutions, strategic counsel, and well designed outreach tools to support the work of more than 150 organizations, governments, universities, foundations, and local institutions – enabling them to impact the lives of families, children, and individuals in communities across the nation.

FTA has enjoyed three decades of success working with social change organizations – due in large part to its commitment to beginning every project with an in-depth understanding of the context, the purpose, the programs, and the challenges of both the agency and the community in which it must thrive. FTA employs one-on-one interviews, extensive research, and a broad array of creative methods to assess the social, economic, and civic landscape of communities to ensure that the recommended strategies, implementation tactics, and design solutions are well informed and developed to maximize impact.

Over these years, Fern Tiger Associates has not wavered from its commitment to working with organizations whose goals are consistent with the firm’s purpose of advancing social change. FTA works in a transdisciplinary model that builds a foundation of deep knowledge, a dedication to authentic community engagement, and a comprehensive and creative approach to communications.

With deep roots in progressive issues and a long standing commitment to the purpose and value of the nonprofit and public sectors, FTA has a unique set of creative and pragmatic skills that have been honed over a quarter century and integrated into all of its work. The firm’s history is filled with hundreds of projects and long time relationships that have influenced the direction of scores of organizations – helping them to grow and mature, while thinking innovatively about their future and the issues they address in order to bring about long-term change.

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  “It’s not just what you’re born with but what you choose
to bear. It’s not how large your share
is but how much you can share. It’s not the fights you dream of but those you really fought. It’s not just what you’re given but what you do with what you’ve got.”

– Si Kahn
Unfinished Portraits