Nonprofit and public sector organizations need to be creative; to problem solve; to document and celebrate successes and challenges; to engage with communities and constituencies; to evaluate their work in ways that spur internal learning and sharing with like organizations. Their work is driven by commitment that goes beyond the job itself. In this, Fern Tiger Associates shares much with its clients. For decades, FTA has seen its work as an opportunity to bring its expertise and skills to organizations working for the greater good of their communities.

Over the years, the work and impact of FTA has grown, matured, and diversified – to ensure that its expertise would continue to impact and strengthen the ever-changing and complex needs of its client organizations. Today, FTA proudly combines a broad set of skills with an unparalleled dedication to supporting organizations to be effective and strategic, to communicate and inform broad constituencies, to engage communities through authentic and creative methods, and to tell the story through original and special formats that help organizations learn, analyze, and evaluate their programs, processes and impact.

Organizational Strategies.
Communication Solutions.
Community Engagement.
Creative Documentation.

  “If I could tell the story in words,
I wouldn’t need to lug a camera.”

Lewis Hine