Community  Engagement

Nonprofit organizations, government agencies, enlightened businesses, and community advocates have come to appreciate the important role that an informed and engaged community can play in the successful development and implementation of policies and programs. But all too often, those who gather to participate, share experiences, and provide their opinions reflect particular biases, life experiences, and comfort with public meeting formats — with the voices of many left out. FTA is committed to reaching those often described as “disenfranchised” in order to merge their input with those whose opinions are commonplace at city halls and in government arenas.

Fern Tiger Associates (FTA) designs and implements unique and creative approaches to community involvement — from house meetings to town halls, from social media surveys to hands-on exercises — maximizing authentic participation to the greatest degree possible. Each engagement process begins with a comprehensive assessment of the communities and partners involved — identifying the information and tools necessary to craft and execute an effective process.

Case stories of select FTA projects involving Community Engagement:

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